Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a winner!

Yah, I'm so excited, I won the Jalie pattern give-a-way... I'm so excited to pick out another one of their patterns to try. In the mean time, I finished DH's housecoat. It was a week late, but better late then never. I also didn't want to rush it too much and screw it up. That's one thing I love about Jalie's patterns, it's hard to screw up if you follow the instructions. Though I must be careful to get to cocky or karma will bite me in the butt.

DH mentioned that he wanted a house coat for his birthday and I wanted to make him something so I made him this house coat using Jalie's pattern . I'm so pleased with how it turned out. The only slight problem that I had was that the color buckles a bit, but I think that is because my feed dogs were having trouble with all the fabric laters to get through. DH says that he loves it, so I'm happy. The only slight panic I had was cutting it out, I didn't follow the placement for the pattern peices and didn't realize till almost too late that the way I had it laid out I was going to be missing a sleeve. Fortunatly I was able to change a few peices around before too much was cut out and one sleeve was only slightly shorter than the other, which got lost in the sleeve hem. I really enjoyed learning the new techniques that were included in this pattern and will definitly sew this pattern again, though not so sure about the terry cloth experience as it killed my sissors. Perhaps better quality ones would do better?!

Without further ado:

The Green Machine:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The motivation I needed to get some posting done

Well I thought it was finally about time to post some of the things I've sewed in the last little bit, but kept putting it off till I saw this: Jalie pattern give-away. I thought, I've got almost 4 patterns that I've sewed but not review yet at so I finally got onto it tonight and posted the 3 patterns that have been completed. (Must finish DH's house coat tonight though).

I can't say enough good things about Jalie, they are absolutely my favorite pattern company, and I love dreaming about all the new things I can make from them. As a beginning sewer these are the only patterns that turned out for me (ok, with the exception of one, but that is only because I didn't follow the instructions and trie to alter it.). They have great styles that are classic and the patterns fit! They don't need to add 5 inches of ease to everything like they do in the big 4!

So without further ado:

I used the Jalie blouse pattern 2322 and altered it to copy a RTW shirt I saw at RW Connection. I moved the bust dart to under the bust and then cut the pattern into 3 peices, added seam allowances and then added volume to the sleeves to make them puffed. I'm really happy with how this turned out though next time I'll have to move the bust band down just a bit, I find it rides up when I'm wearing it.

Next up in a fleece jacket (Jalie 2319) that was one of my first ever projects, and first project that actually turned out after having frustrating experiences with the Big 4 being way too big. I need to make another one as I really like this jacket. I want to make one that is part of a yoga sweatsuit outfit or something like that.

This jacket has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to sew up another version. This one I just used some cheap cordouroy fabric that I had lying around, though I'm not very happy with my finishing job. This is my fault though. I decided not to do the lining and then the facing got a bit wrinkled and wrapped by how I tried to attach it. Live and learn. I really liked how my welt pockets turned out, and they would be perfect if I wasn't so impatient and decided to you the same fabric to do the body of the pocket which made them really bulky. I've already bought some nicer fabric and I am looking forward to trying this again, but next time I think I'll wait to get a little farther along in my sewing classes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The one sock parade...

I've actually been fairly busy with projects, but haven't got around to posting them, or even finishing them. I think I have officially been diagnosed with OSS (one sock syndrome), though I may be on the mend. I have just about finished one pair, but there are still two other pairs looking for mates.

First up, the (almost) finished pair that I think I'll be giving to my Grandma when I go back home. Window pane socks. They came together quite nicely, and it was fun to practice my fair isle knitting. I really like the colours, but wished that they had a bit more contrast. I hope my Grandma will really like them, as she loves bright colours.

Next up are two singletons from Favorite Socks. I made the embossed leave socks from some yarn from knitpicks that I dyed myself with food colouring and vineagar. It was my first attempt, but I was quite pleased with the turquoise colour. I love the pattern on this sock and can't wait to have a pair so I can actually wear them. The yarn is a bit rougher than I would like, it's Perevian Highland wool, but the colour makes up for it.

The other half-pair is made from some wool that I picked up from my LYS Ariadne I can't remember the name of the wool, as the ladies there were nice enough to wind up the yarn for me, but I forgot to grab the lable. It is a wonderful colour and so soft. I used the Waving lace pattern from the same book (Favorite socks). It was a easy pattern to memorize, and it was here that I finally figured out how to read lace patterns. So simple, yet I was making it so complicated!

And finally as a bonus is a picture of the hat I knit for friend's baby finally being modeled. For this I followed the the modifications listed on Anny purl's blog for the shedir pattern. I used knit picks Shine Sport for this. I had a little trouble understanding the decreasing, but eventually figured it out.

To the had I also knit a pair of little booties, but unfortunatly don't have a pic of those, as the baby grew out of them too quickly. The Saartje booties pattern I used is really easy and so adorable, I'll definitly be making more of these.
Well, that's a bit of what I've been up to knitting wise, I'll soon have to update my finished sewing projects. I've been taking some sewing classes, hoping that some of the things I make will eventually be wearable outside of the house. It's starting to come together, and I have a few things to finish up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for an update

So it has been a really long time since I posted anything. I have been busy. Ok, well continuing on with old projects and starting with some new ones. I finished the sewing classes that I was taking, and am kind of glad they are over. I loved all that I learned, but I'm not sure that I like being forced to sew in order to get the most out of the process. I need to feel the vibe, and with the structure I loose the craving to sew.

Well it is back with advengence, but now I want to be back in my classes so that I can get the help I need. I'll definity need to sign up again in the fall I think. I still have so much to learn.

I finished a skirt in my sewing class that I'm very happy with, and have worn a few times, but I'll have to wait till hubby gets back home with my camera to post some pictures. in the mean time, here's a pic of a shirt that I finished alongside my sewing classes. Guess I was trying to proove to my teacher that I could sew, so this one I didn't have any help with!

My biggest problem with sewing is fit, and I was starting to get so frustrated with sewing the Big Four is how big they are. This shirt is from jalie , and I am totally in love with these patterns. The actually fit right out of the package! I'm still learning how to alter patterns, but with Jalie, I can actually get something I can wear!
Here's a pic of the front - Jalie 2322:

and one of the back:

And now for a detail shot of my first attempt at barrel cuffs:

I'm really please with how it turned out, though, the button holes are a bit tight, and the bust dart is too high. Not sure if I didn't just trace the wrong dart line. Next time I make this pattern, I'll move the dart down.

Coming up soon, working on my first complicated Burda world of fashion pattern, a shirt dress from may 2007 issue, I'm quite please with how it's turning out, I just need to add the collar and it'll be done.

Comng up... Some pictures of the socks that are on the needles, but those deserve their own post, and I must run to take my little pup out before bed!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update on the knitting Front

My goal is to make a dent in my stash that got a bit large after x-mas. No more buying till I clear at least one of my drawers, ok, maybe not that much, but definitly to get a few projects down! That doesn't mean I can't accept gifts though! I have been fairly busy since x-mas, and have actually completed some projects rather than casting on new ones.

1st up, Rob my sweet brother gave me some yarn for my birthday I made up a pair of socks in the self-patterning yarn. It was my first pair of socks that turned out so well! I used the pattern in the knitter's handy book of patterns, that my parents gave me for x-mas! Such a great book!

After that I cast on the jay-walker pattern from Grumperina's website. I'm in love with this pattern and the wool that my parent's gave me for my birthday from Knitpicks. I've finished one, just need to graft the toe, and made it down to the heel on the other one, just have to finish turning it. Hopefully I can finish them in the next couple of days. The foot seemed to go fairly quickly.

Next up, still working on my socks using the jitterbug I picked up at my Local Yarn Shop (LYS). I bought this over a year ago. I have started at then frogged this sock about 3 times trying to get it just right. This photo was also frogged, but I have since reknit it using the same pattern for the self-patterning socks. It now fits perfectly. This one was just a tad too big in the toe and foot. The added bonus with making it smaller, is the pooling you see in the back had now disappeared.
The next two pictures are a gift I made for some friends who had a baby in december. I'm really pleased with how the booties turned out, I think they are super cute, and I will definitly be making more in the future!! They are Saartje's Booties, and the pattern is available on her website. This is the best pattern for using up left-overs, and especially helpful, as there does seem to be a major baby boom around me at this point! Found out that four people I know are pregnant this week alone. The only problem is that I don't have a decent photo of the projects, hopefully the parent's will send me one soon.

The hat is the Shedir pattern from Knitty. There are some much better pictures at annypurls site, Though I promise, mine does look just like hers!

And finally my Clessidra socks, because I don't believe I ever posted a completed photo. I'm quite please with how they turned out, but I definitly need to get some elastic to ensure that they stay up!
Wow, I'm actually caught up! I just started a sewing class last week, so I should have some more sewing projects to post soon, for the moment, trying to knit like a maniac!