Saturday, October 25, 2008

The one sock parade...

I've actually been fairly busy with projects, but haven't got around to posting them, or even finishing them. I think I have officially been diagnosed with OSS (one sock syndrome), though I may be on the mend. I have just about finished one pair, but there are still two other pairs looking for mates.

First up, the (almost) finished pair that I think I'll be giving to my Grandma when I go back home. Window pane socks. They came together quite nicely, and it was fun to practice my fair isle knitting. I really like the colours, but wished that they had a bit more contrast. I hope my Grandma will really like them, as she loves bright colours.

Next up are two singletons from Favorite Socks. I made the embossed leave socks from some yarn from knitpicks that I dyed myself with food colouring and vineagar. It was my first attempt, but I was quite pleased with the turquoise colour. I love the pattern on this sock and can't wait to have a pair so I can actually wear them. The yarn is a bit rougher than I would like, it's Perevian Highland wool, but the colour makes up for it.

The other half-pair is made from some wool that I picked up from my LYS Ariadne I can't remember the name of the wool, as the ladies there were nice enough to wind up the yarn for me, but I forgot to grab the lable. It is a wonderful colour and so soft. I used the Waving lace pattern from the same book (Favorite socks). It was a easy pattern to memorize, and it was here that I finally figured out how to read lace patterns. So simple, yet I was making it so complicated!

And finally as a bonus is a picture of the hat I knit for friend's baby finally being modeled. For this I followed the the modifications listed on Anny purl's blog for the shedir pattern. I used knit picks Shine Sport for this. I had a little trouble understanding the decreasing, but eventually figured it out.

To the had I also knit a pair of little booties, but unfortunatly don't have a pic of those, as the baby grew out of them too quickly. The Saartje booties pattern I used is really easy and so adorable, I'll definitly be making more of these.
Well, that's a bit of what I've been up to knitting wise, I'll soon have to update my finished sewing projects. I've been taking some sewing classes, hoping that some of the things I make will eventually be wearable outside of the house. It's starting to come together, and I have a few things to finish up.