Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update on the knitting Front

My goal is to make a dent in my stash that got a bit large after x-mas. No more buying till I clear at least one of my drawers, ok, maybe not that much, but definitly to get a few projects down! That doesn't mean I can't accept gifts though! I have been fairly busy since x-mas, and have actually completed some projects rather than casting on new ones.

1st up, Rob my sweet brother gave me some yarn for my birthday I made up a pair of socks in the self-patterning yarn. It was my first pair of socks that turned out so well! I used the pattern in the knitter's handy book of patterns, that my parents gave me for x-mas! Such a great book!

After that I cast on the jay-walker pattern from Grumperina's website. I'm in love with this pattern and the wool that my parent's gave me for my birthday from Knitpicks. I've finished one, just need to graft the toe, and made it down to the heel on the other one, just have to finish turning it. Hopefully I can finish them in the next couple of days. The foot seemed to go fairly quickly.

Next up, still working on my socks using the jitterbug I picked up at my Local Yarn Shop (LYS). I bought this over a year ago. I have started at then frogged this sock about 3 times trying to get it just right. This photo was also frogged, but I have since reknit it using the same pattern for the self-patterning socks. It now fits perfectly. This one was just a tad too big in the toe and foot. The added bonus with making it smaller, is the pooling you see in the back had now disappeared.
The next two pictures are a gift I made for some friends who had a baby in december. I'm really pleased with how the booties turned out, I think they are super cute, and I will definitly be making more in the future!! They are Saartje's Booties, and the pattern is available on her website. This is the best pattern for using up left-overs, and especially helpful, as there does seem to be a major baby boom around me at this point! Found out that four people I know are pregnant this week alone. The only problem is that I don't have a decent photo of the projects, hopefully the parent's will send me one soon.

The hat is the Shedir pattern from Knitty. There are some much better pictures at annypurls site, Though I promise, mine does look just like hers!

And finally my Clessidra socks, because I don't believe I ever posted a completed photo. I'm quite please with how they turned out, but I definitly need to get some elastic to ensure that they stay up!
Wow, I'm actually caught up! I just started a sewing class last week, so I should have some more sewing projects to post soon, for the moment, trying to knit like a maniac!