Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Tour of the new Condo

A picture of our new condo for all to behold. Still trying to decide on colours, if you have any ideas, leave me a comment to let me know. Please draw your attention to our beautiful new dining room table! A wedding gift from our generous guests! We love it and can't wait to entertain on it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving In

We are almost all moved in. Well our stuff is here, but have yet to finish painting all our walls.

Picking the paint colours:

Well I'm not sure about the colour that we picked. I felt rushed to make a decision, and picked out our colours at Home Depot, under their lighting. You never know what it will do when you get home.

I think I'll start with one wall and if we hate it, buy another can of paint. It is so much trouble to paint sometimes, worth paying another $30 to get a better colour. I hope it will look good, I need curtains. I need to make curtains with the fabric that I already have.

The thing I've learnt/remembered about moving:

It really is a lot of work.
Perhaps I'm a bit lazy

ok, back to work, I'm working from my unfinished condo today. Mostly livable though now after 2 weeks

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Little Bit About the Wedding

Let's talk flowers.

My Aunt Jennifer was absolutely amazing and helped me and my bridesmaids make the most beautiful flowers for my wedding. I can't thank her enough for her expertise that she shared with us. I was a little naive thinking about how I wanted them to be done, and they probably would have looked very handmade if she hadn't been there!

she taught us some floral basics and things were so beautiful afterwards. I don't think I've seen such beautiful flowers in my life! My bridesmaids and fabulous Aunts (my Aunt Debbie came to help as well) and me put in about 40 man hours, and I am still blown away with the results!

Just having a bit of time with all these beautiful woman was also a lot of fun. It helped me to relax, or perhaps just focus on something else rather than the wedding. We were definitly focused on the task at hand, not the big event!
And the final results on the big day! I can't thank these wonderful women enough!

The essential bouquet shot! That was probably the moment that I realized I was nervous before the wedding, when I was trying to tie the ribbon around my bouquet, and couldn't get it. Fortunatly, my bridesmaids came to my rescue.