Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Knitting Project of 2007

Ok, really the 2nd, I'm still in the process of ripping out the remainder of my dying project. I really need to read the pattern before I start. I forgot (or neglected to notice) that I was supposed to be increading, and hence the vest is a little on the small side. I've put it to rest will all the other unfinished projects that are awaiting first aid.

At the moment, I am beginning my first sock made with actual sock yarn (the acrylic crap I used before is not nearly in the same league!) This yarn was a beautiful gift from my friend Kelsey, and I've been having fun seeing how the pattern develops. The yarn is hand painted merino sock yarn from Vancouver. I'll have to find the little lable thing again to post the website. In other craft projects, I started sewing again, and finished up another tanktop from jalie ( They have the best patterns ever. They actually fit! This was sent off to a friend of mine with a pair of fleece pants as a very late x-mas gift (I cut out the pants for x-mas 2005!)

Here's a picture of the tank top! Finally no bunching at the neck. Hope my friend enjoys it!

PS. Here is the last completed project of 2006, which was a wedding gift for my friend Jen. Sorry about the quality of the photo, I stole it from Kelsey's blog, and cropped it for a close up of my first pair of mittens and frum mittens. I want a pair for myself now!

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