Monday, January 18, 2010

New Years Resolutions Two Weeks at a Time

I heard a neat idea on the radio this morning of making resolutions for two week periods only. Most of what I want to accomplish this year is project based and therefore working in two week sprints I might actually finish some of my projects.

Here is v1.0 of the things I hope to accomplish by picking one or two to work on during the fortnight. Obviously some are much longer than others, but as long as have accomplished a few tasks of the project I will consider it a success.

  • Make a proper fitting blouse
  • PJs for me
  • PJ bottoms for a friend
  • Draft adult one-piece PJs for my brother
  • Draft and make dress shirt for hubby
  • Use one of my hotpatterns and fabric from New York
  • Jalie Suit Jacket
  • Finish pants
  • Use one of my BurdaStyle patterns
  • Use some stash fabric


  • Knit toe-up socks
  • Finish Juno (and frog what is done)
  • Fix toe on plain socks
  • Finish waving lace socks
  • Use some stash wool
  • Fix hats
General wellbeing and personal improvement
  • EA active every two days
  • Only take the stairs
  • More walks for the dog
  • Read a French book
  • Do some French homework
  • No buy week (except for food)
  • Keep the house spotless
  • No jeans at work (except for Fridays)


  • Finish decorating the bathroom
  • Plan kitchen modifications/renovations
  • Start planning basement decorating
  • Plant a garden
  • Do some yard work
Misc. projects
  • Go to Thailand
  • Learn a few key phrases in Thai
  • Finish photo books

First up:

  • Toe up socks
  • Fit my blouse pattern
  • Only take the stairs

Hmm, is that too much, time will tell come Monday February 1, 2010! Oh yah, and I must update the blog a little more often for it to keep me motivated.

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Katie @ said...

hehe - I love the "do some French homework" part. You'll never guess what I am putting off by looking at your list of resolutions from January....
German homework!