Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving In

We are almost all moved in. Well our stuff is here, but have yet to finish painting all our walls.

Picking the paint colours:

Well I'm not sure about the colour that we picked. I felt rushed to make a decision, and picked out our colours at Home Depot, under their lighting. You never know what it will do when you get home.

I think I'll start with one wall and if we hate it, buy another can of paint. It is so much trouble to paint sometimes, worth paying another $30 to get a better colour. I hope it will look good, I need curtains. I need to make curtains with the fabric that I already have.

The thing I've learnt/remembered about moving:

It really is a lot of work.
Perhaps I'm a bit lazy

ok, back to work, I'm working from my unfinished condo today. Mostly livable though now after 2 weeks

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Princess Tuborg said...

alex! i love your new condo! and i hope you will post some pics once it's all painted and stuff!

i miss montreal!!!!!!!!!!